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Few sites can be listed as alternatives and competition to this market leader. Appointed by Reserve Bank of India with effect from 08.08.2016 as Additional Director of our Bank. Taken together, the spotlight button and the social links make clear that the profile now exists almost entirely to drive visitors elsewhere — to wherever might have the most value for the person who created the page.

Your Worksheet was brilliant, and now I’m off to have a crack at changing my own About Page. Clicking on the button in the Promote menu takes you a different page where you can either add or send out your page to a variety of different external sites. His headshot is as big as any I’ve seen on an about page makes you really feel as thought you’re meeting a real person rather than some web designer on some website. All the facts and figures highlighting the rapid growth of HDFC Bank over the last nine years. Include at least one headshot (preferably at the top of the page) and if you have them available, one or two other shots that show the ‘real you’ or your lifestyle. Question Answering: People have questions and they need answers, not documents. We also disclose the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which our Bank has undertaken.

From my standpoint, the benefits of the premium accounts can all be gained by having your own website, but again if you don’t consider that to be within your wheelhouse, then a personal brand landing page like might just be the thing for you. The same is true for the background image of your page (Step 2 OF 4). Move on that in a minute. Before we dive in, I want to mention that if you’re looking to deeply connect with your readers – rather than drive a big ol’ wedge between you and them – it’s important your About page is written in first person. If you weren’t aware — is a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard that lets you quickly build a personal page that points users to your content from around the web. On my about page , I include a CTA near the top of the page within the text, as well as a visual CTA image at the very bottom. I’m struggling to re write my About page but this blog post was super helpful, clear and had some great insights.