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How Fashion Ecommerce Brands Use Email Marketing

The main reason why you stumbled upon this post is because you want to dig deeper into the world of Ecommerce. Because the Foundry WordPress theme is made on Twitter’s amazing Bootstrap framework, every single page can be structurally different and still retain its complete responsiveness for easy viewing on everything the from the largest desktop monitor to the smallest tablet or cell phone.

In their 2015 follow-up to an extensive usability study, Baymard Institute notes that even two plus years past their original findings, it’s not uncommon for mobile e-commerce sites to have a significantly poorer conversion rate than their desktop counterpart – in some cases converting fewer than half as many visitors into customers.

They kept (and are still) acquiring customers through our funnel offers, but the store allowed them to remarket to their list and customer base through email and Facebook retargeting, and sell full-margin products to people that were now repeat buyers, fans and loyal customers of their brand.

Some of the other industry leaders who’ll be speaking at the eCommerce Expo 2016 include Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft UK, Ritesh Patel, EVP and CDO, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, Henry Eccles, Head of Ecommerce, Google, Sam Hill, Chief Architect for Digital, Marks & Spencer, Pamela Hsieh, Head of Marketing EMEA, Alipay to mention a few.

Since MailBeez free email modules all rely on their default file names to function correctly, the way to accomplish the creation of custom templates is to create re-named back-ups of the original files before making any customizations, while leaving the file names as is” for the templates you customize.

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