Email Marketing Best Practices In Fashion Ecommerce

John McIntyre On The 7 Step Checklist To Automated Ecommerce Email Marketing Success

I attended the E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit for the first time last January 7 at the A. Venue Hotel in Makati. Unlike many other events, Ecommerce Expo focus on all areas of ecommerce, delivering specialist advice, products & services and thought leadership on areas including: marketing, platforms, payments, delivery & logistics, customer service and the more generalist topics affecting ecommerce and multichannel strategies.

It runs real estate classifieds site , matrimonial website and education classifieds business , apart from And Bikhchandani himself has sort of emerged the elder statesman of the Internet space in India, although his pet cause is education (he is involved in Ashoka University, which aims to push the case of liberal arts education in India).

The content of a sub-template file is merged into the Common Mail Template file, bringing global data like the email header image together with specific module data, such as the birthday greeting text which is unique to the Birthday Greeting module, to create one nicely integrated email.

While it’s understandably tempting to just dive into your new online business venture, take the time to sit back and think strategically about what you’re selling – it truly can make the difference between a business that just treads water and one that knocks its profitability out of the park.

There are many more types of emails worth considering (examples include referral program emails, event emails, birthday special emails, other incentive/reward emails, etc.). Ultimately you need to build a program that makes sense for your business, your products, and your customers.

BigCommerce is one of my all time favorite ecommerce platforms (I used it both for my t-shirt business and my soap business) and their platform is simply amazing and very easy to set up. Their platform powers more than 36,000 online stores and their SEO features are great.

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